A new venture and an old friend

My first blog entry and a Tundra Bean Goose at Seaton
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This is my first ever blog entry. Today it was the January Wetland birds survey count at my regular patch at Seaton Lakes, not far from Canterbury in Kent. counting wildfowl is absorbing and does not often give the opportunity for sketching as the count needs persistence and concentration if it is to be accurate to an acceptable degree. however, sometimes a bird comes along that needs some extra details to confirm its identity or it presents itself at the end of the count and cannot possibly be resisted. today it was the latter; amongst the Greylag goose flock there was a lovely Adult Tundra Bean Goose, showing well if a little distantly, in the same field where I drew a Taiga Bean goose in November! I managed a page of scribbles, not helped by too hard a pencil , added a few bits of coloured pencil and worked up the sketch at home with the addition of some watercolour. It is not a great sketch, but shows me some of the structural details; I used it to make an improved version for my notebooks .