A strange little duck

A trip out to investigate an unusual duck
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My good friend Martyn posted two superb pictures of a small duck seen at Stodmarsh NNR the other day. It struck me as being a very good candidate for a Cinnamon Teal, which could be a VERY rare visitor from North America, especially in the aftermath of a procession of storms crossing the Atlantic. I found the bird very easily and enjoyed its company for half an hour, making a quick sketch. While I have no doubt that it is an Adult female Cinnamon Teal, it proved to be pinioned on the left wing and therefore incapable of the sustained flight from the USA! I met Ben ,reserve warden, and he told me it had been around for at least a couple of weeks. Still ,very nice to see a species which I am unlikely to meet in the wild and add some notes to my sketchbook archive.